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Detroit Pre-Medical Scholars Program

The Detroit Pre-Medical Scholars Program (DPSP) is a partnership effort supported by the MI-AHEC Southeast Regional Center, the Wayne State University (WSU) School of Medicine, and the Detroit Public Schools (DPS). The initiative, which is funded the Grace Guild of Sinai-Grace Hospital and the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, is designed to broaden students’ understanding of careers in medicine and increase the number of students pursuing careers as physicians.


Online Application Materials

Print and sign the Statement of Responsibility and Media Release forms. Mail those forms, along with your letters of recommendation, official transcript, and copy of your most recent report card, if you complete the online application form.

Hard Copy of Application

Download and print this application form. Mail your completed application, along with your letters of recommendation, official transcript, and copy of your most recent report card.




The purpose of DPSP is to increase and enhance students’ interest, awareness, and motivation to pursue a career as a physician; provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice professional behavior standards; and expose them to successful professionals who will serve as role models.

Scholar Selection 

DPSP targets 11th grade students from Detroit Public Schools who are interested in becoming physicians. A committee consisting of representatives from participating institutions selects participants based on need, quality of their application materials documenting a strong interest in becoming a physician, interviews, letters of recommendation, and grade point average. Students must have a 3.0 GPA to apply.


The application deadline is Monday, March 31, 2014. Interviews will take place in May; the committee will select scholars by May 31. Orientation will be held on Tuesday, July 1, and students will report to their clinical sites on Tuesday, July 8.  (Program dates are tentative depending upon extension of school year.) A recognition program for scholars, parents, and guests is scheduled to take place on August 15.

Date Activity
Monday, March 31 Application deadline
Various dates in May Candidate interviews
Prior to May 31 Scholar selection
Tuesday, July 1 Orientation
Tuesday, July 8 Report to clinical sites
Friday, August 15 Scholar Recognition Program

Work Schedule 

Students will work eight hours a day, five days per week. Schedules are dependent upon the clinical rotation site.


Scholars will receive a work stipend for the six-week program. Benefits may be deducted from students’ checks because of required regulations.

Program Design 

Students will attend weekly seminars on Fridays. Programs are scheduled to take place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Seminars aim to increase awareness of diverse health care options and educational requirements. Medical educators and noted health care professionals will serve as guest presenters. Topics may include presentations on:

  • Requirements and responsibilities for a variety of medical occupations and specialties, 
  • Various diseases, especially those affecting metro Detroit residents,
  • Medical ethics, and
  • Healthcare delivery issues, including misdistribution and care for uninsured or underinsured populations as well as health disparities
  • Medical terminology

Requirements and Special Projects 

Scholars will be required to prepare a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation on their experiences during the summer or a specific medical concern. A bibliography, charts, graphs, and data tables must be included. Students will receive guidance and assistance with their presentation from program coordinators. Participants will receive more details outlining requirements for presentations. Parents and teachers will be invited to the special session on August 15 when all students will deliver their presentations.

Students will also be required to participate in an exit interview and to complete a structured questionnaire that will serve as an evaluation of the program. Certificates will be awarded to each student completing the program.



Online Applicants

Students can complete the application online. Students who submit the online application must mail all supporting documents, including two letters of recommendation, an official transcript, a recent report card, a signed Statement of Responsibility, and a signed Media Release.

> Click here to apply online.

Other Applicants

Students not able to complete the online form can download an application form. Please use Microsoft Word or a typewriter to complete your application.

> Click here to download an application form.

Mail all application materials together. Do not submit items separately. Incomplete, faxed, and e-mailed applications will not be considered. Hand delivered applications will not be accepted.


Mail applications and/or supporting documents to:

Detroit Pre Medical Scholars Program
c/o Southeast Regional Center, MI-AHEC
407 E. Fort Street, Suite 600
Detroit, MI 48226

For more information, call (313) 965-4129.