Northern Lower Regional Center Welcomes New CAB Member

The Northern Lower Regional Center welcomes a new Community Advisory Board member, JoJean Thompson. JoJean is a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist with Up North Prevention and Catholic Human Services. Her role in community collaboration brings drug prevention and awareness to our schools, children, families, courts and health practitioners. She brings with her over 37 years of experience in teaching and coaching families. In addition, JoJean serves in over 14 coalitions in two counties. Her favorite volunteer roles are as the CEO-founder of the Artesia Youth Park and Community Center and as a member of the drug-free coalitions in Roscommon and Ogemaw counties. JoJean's broad knowledge and experience in substance use, especially with the recent focus on Substance Use Disorder in the AHEC and healthcare arena, will be beneficial to our Community Advisory Board.

JoJean has 4 children and 8 grandchildren, all of whom live in Michigan. She has been affiliated with the Houghton Lake area her entire life and enjoys sailing and painting. Welcome, JoJean!