AHEC Scholar Spotlight

My name is Alexis D. Malakar and I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student at Wayne State University. I am specializing in Adult-Gerontological Acute Care with a certificate in nursing education and I am a Michigan Area Health Education Center (MI-AHEC) Scholar.  I am honored to write about how the MI-AHEC Scholars program has enriched my health professional training and knowledge so far. The MI-AHEC Scholars program has allowed me to network with healthcare professionals in other disciplines and complete online training and modules in various healthcare topics. Some of the topics that were covered thoroughly within the MI-AHEC Scholars program so far include: cultural competency, motivational interviewing, social determinants of health, health promotion and disease prevention, and the state of Michigan health statistics and disparities.

The knowledge that I have obtained from the MI-AHEC Scholars program has allowed me to provide more efficient and patient/family-centered care to individuals in the medically underserved area of Detroit, Michigan. The MI-AHEC Scholars program is an excellent program that can supplement the education of traditional health professional programs. I would recommend any graduate level health professional student to apply to the MI-AHEC Scholars program. This program helps health professionals to give back to the local Detroit community to reduce health disparities and promote health.

To find out more about the Michigan AHEC Scholars program, go to: https://miahec.wayne.edu/healthcareers