Upper Peninsula Regional Center News

The Upper Great Lakes (UGL) Health Center is the host partner for the Upper Peninsula Regional Center and has been successful with their COVID response team led by Dr. Zachary DeYoung. The UGL team has been on multiple calls with MPCA (Michigan Primary Care Association) to begin defining what the "new normal" will be across all of the clinics. The organization is using an app called Healow for telehealth.

The UPRC has provided sponsorship to other Virtual CE events like the AAFP Rural Health conference in lieu of offering our two events that were scheduled for April. The UPRC sponsored attendees will then present on the information they gathered from the sessions they "attended" and the UPRC will be creating an informational webinar by compiling all of their information and presentations into one webinar for their website.

The UPRC is also providing Northern Michigan University nursing students who will start in the fall with a Nursing kit that includes a stethoscope. Typically these students spend over $600 each to purchase some items required for the program and UPRC is providing these kits to assist them in entering the health care field during this time.

For more details about what is currently happening at the UPRC, click on the most recent issue of their newsletter here.