Goals/Program Areas

Michigan AHEC Goals

  • Increase the diversity and distribution of health professions students and practitioners through targeted training and partnerships in underserved and rural communities.
  • Support practice transformation in primary care urban and rural underserved community practices through strategic partnerships with local regional and state agencies to improve patient health outcomes.
  • Develop strategic and innovative programs with statewide partners through collaborations focused on addressing health care disparities and access issues.

Program Areas:

  • Health careers recruitment in underserved and urban areas to expose high school students from underrepresented rural and urban areas to health professions careers.
  • Learning experiences for health professions students at community based sites with an emphasis on interdisciplinary programs.
  • AHEC Scholars Program supports health professions students from a variety of disciplines who originate from underserved rural and urban areas.
  • Continuing education opportunities for health professionals to enhance the practice environment and help them to provide high quality care in underserved communities.
  • Partnerships with local organizations on joint projects and activities that are focused on distribution, diversity and practice transformation of health care resources throughout the state.